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Curated by Berlin's Levitations

This month Nervous Intent Records will release a new tape by Berlin punk trio Levitations. Leading up to the release we asked them to make a mix of their favorite local cuts. And Megan from Nervous Intent asked them some questions about Berlin punk and their new album! A stream of their song "Nightmare" is below as well.

What's happening in the Berlin region punk scene right now?

The Berlin punk scene is very widespread through the whole city. There are many scenes co-existing next to each other, which has also to do with the different districts of the city and maybe the fact that sometimes we are too lazy to move our asses to far away places in town. That is why we just can speak of a certain scene we are more or less part of and this scene is pretty active at the moment. There are a bunch of really good new bands and a lot of friends just started new band projects. Some fresh air in the scene and that is pretty exciting.

Some very active people also started to organize the Nothing Nice to Say Festival, a DIY punk festival in Berlin.They just started last year for the first time. The aim is to feature a lot of good Berlin bands but as well keep the festival very international. We played there last year, it was great! And for all Berliner lovers it’s really a great opportunity to come to Berlin and see a lot of good Berlin bands. April 20-23.

BERLIN PUNK MIX from fvckthemedia on 8tracks Radio.

Who are some of your favorite Berlin bands?

Hyäne, Diät, Pisse, Pretty Hurts, Gurr.

What are some of the cool places to play in Berlin?

Bei Ruth (from March to November), Kastanie, West Germany

What is your song "Nightmare" about?

Nightmare deals with the current situation in the world. For a lot of people living in this world means suffering and death. It is also about the inequality in this world and that there are too many fuckers like Assad and Erdogan who ruin their people. It is about a feeling of being powerless. "We are living in a nightmare...."

What are your thoughts behind the record, is there a general theme?

Actually yes. In our songs we try to reflect our thoughts about the current political situation in the world. We wanted the record to sound dark. Because "there is dust everywhere"...and we should not look away, we should face the realities. At the borders of "our" nations people are desperately waiting and just looking for a better life without war and death and persecution. We should always keep in mind how privileged we are.

What's next? Any upcoming tour plans for the US?

WE WOULD IF WE COULD. Hopefully soon.

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