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A new Radiator Hospital video / by Eddie Austin

Next month, the ever-incredible Salinas Records will release one of our favorite LPs of 2013, Radiator Hospital's Torch Song. This week we are super excited to premiere a video for a song from the album, "Bedtime Story." Here is what Sam Cook-Parrott from Rad Hos had to say about the video:

I have a lot to say about a lot of things so I will try and keep this brief. Over the course of releasing this LP we have chosen to do it very simply and on our own terms. This is because the music is very special to me, and I want it to be delivered directly to the people who will connect to it and care about it the most. I don't want to force it down anyone's throats. That said, we decided it would be fun to make a music video for one of the songs. My disdain and boredom with music blog culture lead me to want to simply release it on our Facebook page in the same manner that we released the record. But the more I thought about it, the only website that I was interested in working with was The Media. They cover a wide range of topics other than music, all of which are crucial and important to international youth culture in 2014. There is a lot going on in the world right now. It's a scary time to be living in, when unarmed kids are murdered by police, and our government aids other countries in genocide. That said, I think that music and art and alternative DIY culture is still important, and is in fact incredibly necessary, and so do the people at The Media. They put articles about social and political issues next to articles about music because they understand that it's all important to us, it's all valid and it's all a part of the experience of being alive today. We are really excited and proud that they wanted to premiere our video, for our song "Bedtime Story", featuring us and a few of our good friends (Amanda, you're a true star). Sorry that this post is sort of a downer for what is essentially a dumb silly video of us being dumb and silly. -Sam

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